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What is the Dragon Ball Goofs Project?

Overview of Dragon Ball Franchise

Dragon Ball is a Japanese media franchise created by Akira Toriyama, which first debuted as the original manga series in 1984 and later adapted into an anime series. The rights to the anime are currently held by Toei Animation. The story follows the adventures of a young warrior named Goku as he trains in martial arts, travels the world, and battles powerful foes to protect the Earth and the universe. Throughout the series, Goku and his friends gather the magical Dragon Balls to summon a wish-granting dragon, Shenron. The franchise consists of multiple series, including Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super, as well as various animated films, video games, and merchandise. The series is known for its action-packed battles, iconic characters, and a blend of humor, adventure, and martial arts themes. Dragon Ball has evolved into a globally influential and beloved franchise, captivating audiences worldwide. With the exciting announcement of Dragon Ball Daima set for release this fall, it’s evident that the series continues to command a dedicated fan base and sustain its significant imprint on popular culture. This enduring popularity and the anticipation for the new release are testaments to the franchise’s timeless appeal and its ongoing influence in the realm of entertainment.


The Dragon Ball Goofs Project was initiated by Lorelai AI, a company specializing in AI technology for creating art and parodies. The project was born out of Jim Settle’s passion for anime and art, leading him to focus on creating specific content related to Dragon Ball. After noticing the high appreciation for his Dragon Ball art and parodies, Jim decided to honor the fans with a dedicated project. Through the Dragon Ball Goofs Project, Lorelai AI aims to produce Dragon Ball parodies, 3D and 2D artwork, and other creative works as a way to pay tribute to the original work of Dragon Ball. This project is a testament to the intersection of art, technology, and fandom, with the goal of delighting and entertaining fans of the Dragon Ball series.

History of Dragon Ball Goofs Project

Artistic depiction of Frieza, a character from Dragon Ball Z, standing on the alien landscape of planet Namek. Frieza appears in his final form with a sleek, white and purple body, his tail curled behind him. The background features the iconic green sky and large blue lakes of Namek.
Unleashing Power on Namek: Frieza in his final form #DragonBallZ #Frieza #Namek #FanArt

Lorelai AI has been in business for a year, experimenting with different types of content. The company gradually shifted its focus towards the anime genre, and the growing interest in anime content on platforms like YouTube solidified this decision. This led to the conception of the Dragon Ball Goofs Project.

The Dragon Ball Goofs Project is a manifestation of Lorelai AI’s passion for anime and creativity, as well as a tribute to the beloved franchise. Through the use of AI technology, the project seeks to bring a fresh and entertaining perspective to the world of Dragon Ball, while staying true to the essence of the original series.

With its expertise in AI and a deep appreciation for the art of Dragon Ball, Lorelai AI is dedicated to delivering high-quality, engaging content through the Dragon Ball Goofs Project. The company is committed to providing fans with a unique and entertaining experience that celebrates the legacy of Dragon Ball.

Purpose and Goals of the Project

The Dragon Ball Goofs Project by Lorelai AI aims to gather a community of Dragon Ball fans who can appreciate and enjoy parodies and fanart of the beloved series. The ultimate goal is to celebrate and honor the iconic work of Dragon Ball by providing a platform for fans to connect and engage with the art and humor inspired by the series. By creating parodies and fanart, the project seeks to bring joy and entertainment to the Dragon Ball community, while also highlighting the creativity and talent of the Lorelai AI team(currently just Jim). With a focus on humor and creativity, the Dragon Ball Goofs Project aims to establish itself as a go-to source for lighthearted and imaginative content not only in the Dragon Ball universe but also in the realm of AI and digital art.

Examples of Goofs

Some examples of the Dragon Ball Goofs Project include 3D and 2D artwork, parody videos, and memes that playfully reference scenes, characters, and themes from the original Dragon Ball series. Lorelai AI definitely has it’s own animation style. These creations are lighthearted and humorous, celebrating the iconic elements of Dragon Ball while adding a comedic twist. Some examples of our work can be found in the linked images and YouTube videos below. The Dragon Ball Goofs Project aims to engage fans of the series in a fun and entertaining way, while also showcasing the creativity and capabilities of AI technology in the realm of art and parody. We hope that our works will bring a smile to the faces of Dragon Ball enthusiasts and contribute to the ongoing legacy of this beloved franchise. Find some of our shorts below:

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